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Response-based Media - Ready or Not?

Earned Media - Promotional Visibility

Journalists and editors pride themselves on being able to generate their own news and "angles" so as to be more "investigative" with the ultimate objective of obtaining an "exclusive." More often than not interaction with the media is not going to be on your terms - so you better be ready when that phone rings. Positive or negative the media is relentless when pursuing a story and won't wait for you to respond. The worst possible response to a media inquiry is "no comment" or "could not be reached for comment." Is your organization ready with prepared media kits, all staff media trained, spokesperson designated and trained with prepared speaking notes? If not - we can help prepare your organization for an unexpected media inquiry. "Winging it" after the fact is not a great idea. Best strategy is to be prepared!

One of the most essential tools in the public relations tool kit is the ability to successfully "pitch" the media to present favourably about your business, people, product or service. A single newspaper article, blog, TV or radio spot can do more for your business than an entire advertising campaign - and it's free! But simply boasting about yourself and your business in a press release is not going to capture the attention of the media. ResultzPR can help you find the right angle to get noticed and get covered. We have many years of experience writing eye-catching press releases and organizing press conferences and media events. The power of a press release is mighty if it is part of a comprehensive earned media strategy.

Media Relations - essential Tools