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With 15 Wards and a new Mayor there is still plenty to fight about. Policing, transit, parking, water and waste, public works, services, taxation, permits and licenses, development - its not glamorous but its what makes a city run. And if you want to have a say in that process then you need ResultzPR to roll up its sleeves and get in the mix with the various Committees and Boards - especially the Executive Policy Committee. And if you really want to know what's happening behind the scenes we can file a few a few FIPPA's at the City Clerk's office on your behalf. But usually good old fashioned face to face meetings and Committee presentations are the best modus operandi for City Hall.

Municipal - City of Winnipeg (City Hall)

ResultzPR has extensive experience lobbying the government of Manitoba. The Manitoba Legislature is right in our back yard and involves MLA's that represent 57 constituencies. With a Provincial Election nearing in the fall of 2016, now is an opportune time to be lobbying the government and members of the opposition. Elected officials tend to be more willing to hear and act on proposals come election time. But regardless ResultzPR has a battle tested approach to lobbying Ministers, staffers, Deputy Minister's, ADM's, Committees and even the opposition if need be. Question Period is always an interesting display of political theatre and a great time to gain exposure on issues.

Provincial - Manitoba Legislative Assembly

Federal - Parliament Hill (Ottawa)

Lobbying the government of Canada in Ottawa is more involved because there are so many more electoral districts - 308 to be exact (14 in MB.), and regional interests bear greatly on policy. Lobbying Members of Parliament, the PMO, Ministers, staffers, Standing Committees and the various departments also requires lobbyists to be registered and file regular reports. But ResultzPR has registered lobbyists and extensive contacts in Ottawa to ensure your issue gets in front of the right officials whether that be at the political or departmental level. We have conducted hundreds of meetings on Parliament Hill and can help you influence the laws and regulations that will shape the future of your business. Lobbying in Canada is a requires a comprehensive communication plan.

Government relations & lobbying

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