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If you've reached this point there isn't much value or time to point fingers and lay blame - you need to react and fast. If media is swarming the last thing you want to convey is "no comment" or have that "deer in the headlights" look. The first inclination might be to avoid the media - big mistake! No matter what you need to manage the media with a controlled and confident demeanor. You can only do that if you have prepared a plan, a spokesperson and a message. Delaying your response, in hopes of cooling the issue will only compound the problem and presume guilt. And while hiring a lawyer might help you handle the aftermath and legal consequences it may not help you stick-handle the immediate issue of public perception. There might be little to salvage by the time your lawyer can make opening remarks. ResultzPR can intervene immediately and begin damage control while implementing a rapid response plan that gets you back in control sooner than later.

Crisis Intervention - damage control!

You won't know it's a crisis until you are in it and your first thought will be "how could this have happened?" So the lesson is that is is better to anticipate and prevent than to have to react after the fact. By then it may be too late. And let's face it - in today's frantically paced world of digital media and ruthless media and competition, an unpleasant surprise can become a catastrophic nightmare if you don't manage it appropriately. You can't predict every little speed bump but you can prepare your organization to respond effectively to a "game changing" event. Often it is not "what happened" but rather "what happens next" that matters most. ResultzPR can help you develop an event response plan that will make management of it a process and not a panic scenario. Problems are bound to happen but the challenge is to ensure they don't escalate into crisis.

Crisis Prevention - mitigate risk & plan!

Crisis management & strategic Communication