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The ROI Path of Discovery

Business Development isn't just about increasing sales - it's about driving better return on investment (ROI). That means generating more yield in revenues for every dollar invested in the business. Unfortunately there are so many ways to spend dollars without even realizing its going out the door. It's what you don't know that can hurt you so ResultzPR teaches you how to plug the leaks in your boat first before you start revving up engine. From 5S/LEAN Continuous Improvement Workshops to the Marketing Metric & Lead Awareness Programs we will put you back in control of your outflows so you can keep more of your inflow. We often refer our unique lead monitoring and assessment system as "Money Ball Marketing."

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  • The Final Touch - Social Media Marketing
  • The Art of SEO - White Hat of course
  • B2B Marketing - Selling 24/7
  • ​Online Marketing Do's & Don'ts
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Sales & Marketing - an Art or a Science?

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Social Media Marketing is the new "Mission Critical" in business. 

Ahh yes...sales and marketing. It is the lifeblood of business and the genesis of revenue generation. And if your ship is seaworthy then it's time to fly your colours and set sail for profitability. Your sales team is hungry and dangerous but are they really driving ROI and the goodwill of your business? You don't have to guess...ResultzPR can not only coach your team with our modern day version of SPIN Selling but we will show you how to track and attribute every lead, prospect and close so that you can see at at glance who is making it happen and where the business is coming from. With your ROI Digital Dashboard you will make much better decisions on marketing and human resources too - your two biggest expense categories. Selling may be an art but Sales is a science! And when it comes to marketing - hope is not a strategy. Let us take the guess work out of your sales and marketing!

ResultzPR Business Development & ROI Programs

  • 5S/LEAN Continuous Improvement Workshop
  • Money Ball Marketing - Marketing Metric & Lead Awareness Program
  • Modern Day SPIN Selling & Sales Scripting
  • Lead to Close - The Sales ROI Digital Dashboard
  • Goal Setting & Critical Habits of Success
  • The "Day in the Life" Roadmap - What's It Gonna' Take?!
  • S.W.O.T. the Competition!
  • Worship the Inbound Lead